Greg Harriman loves Bennington Vermont

Greg Harriman originally hails from Bennington Vermont, which is a gorgeous place to visit. He encourages everyone to visit the area if possible. There is really something for everyone in Bennington Vermont. In this blog post Greg Harriman will share some of his favorite places in Bennington Vermont. Hopefully you will all have the chance to visit some of these great places.

Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont
Dusk at the Bennington Battle Monument

1. Bennington Battle Monument: At 306 feet, the Bennington Monument is the tallest building in the state and it is also the most popular of all Vermont historic sites. Visitors can ride to the top in an elevator and take in the beautiful views.

2. Bennington Museum: A museum of Art, History, and innovation featuring the largest public collection of Grandma Moses paintings and 19th-century Bennington Pottery. This museum also presents Battle of Bennington memorabilia and weaponry.

3. Old First Congregational Church: This is the first gathered church in Vermont, although the current church is not the original. The current church has been standing since 1805. While you are visiting the church be sure to check out the grave of Robert Frost, one of the most famous residents.

Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont
Old First Congregational Church Bennington Vermont

4. The Robert Frost house: While Robert Frost is buried in Bennington, he lived in a little stone house in nearby Shaftsbury. It only takes 5 minutes to walk through the house, but there is a 2 mile long nature trail that starts behind the barn and heads out to Lake Paran in North Bennington. Very beautiful.

5. The Bennington Center for the Arts: The Bennington Center for the Arts continually exhibits the work of many of the finest representational artists from around the country. In addition to the artwork in the Center's temporary exhibitions, all of which is for sale, The Bennington also has a very impressive permanent collection of Native American art (Navajo rugs, pots, katsinas, paintings of and by Native Americans) as well as bird carvings by Master Carver Floyd Scholz. The Bennington is also home to the Covered Bridge Museum.

6. Park-McCullough Historic House: The Park-McCullough House is the crown jewel of North Bennington, Vermont. Representing 150 years of Vermont history Park-McCullough also serves as a contemporary prism through which citizens of North Bennington and surrounding towns gather to share myriad perspectives and pleasures. Arguably the finest intact Victorian mansion in New England, the house was built in 1864-65 by attorney and entrepreneur Trenor W. Park (1823-1882) who amassed his fortune overseeing the California mining interests of John C. Fremont. Four generations of the family have lived on the property, including two governors, Hiland Hall and John G. McCullough. The thirty-five room mansion stands an important example of American Second Empire Style set on 200 acres in Southern Vermont.

Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont
Park-McCullough House Bennington Vermont

7. Bennington College: Bennington College is spread among its 440 acre grounds, which have a combination of both rural and urban features. Guests are welcome to tour the grounds at their leisure, and many of the buildings contain informational plaques that tell visitors about the history of the school.

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