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Axiom Consulting was formed in 2017. We represent decades of experience in medical-legal, management, manufacturing and clinical informatics consulting. We work for you with an eye toward integrity, clarity, efficiency and saving your company money. We maintain a network of consultants to customize our work to meet and exceed your needs.



ShieldWear is a recently launched apparel company with three core values: strength, service, and sacrifice. We are the active apparel of choice for those with a clear sense of why they go the extra mile, the extra rep, the extra effort. What's in your circle?


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Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont

Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont is an ongoing public service campaign designed to raise awareness about Bennington Vermont and its natural beauty. 


Greg Harriman, formerly of Bennington, Vermont, has been in manufacturing since 1987. Greg worked in automotive, medical, and consumer consulting during that time. Mr. Harriman has worked at every level, from a CNC Programmer to Automation Engineer and everything in between. In the past 15 years Greg Harriman switched to management, where he has held the titles of Engineering Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Operations and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This breadth of experience makes Greg Harriman uniquely qualified in assisting our clients in manufacturing, management, engineering and operations. 


Greg Harriman led teams during the economic fall of 2008-2009 and came out stronger and better-situated thereafter, both from a team and financial standpoint. One area of consulting that particularly interests him is when teams tell him, ”management doesn’t listen. We could be so much better or reduce cost or have less scrap if only management would listen.” He agrees... so he has developed methods to communicate with management to bridge some of those gaps. He understands management's overview and can tie it together with the rest of the team, turning an "us vs. them" mentality to a unified vision. Having run a company, Greg also believes that the Operations group and engineers need to be better informed of the workings of the company so they see why management may make some of the choices they do. When both sides can clearly see the vision, they work together to make it a reality.  Let Greg Harriman and our team help today!


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